Why 'ON'?

In 1984 the founder, a retired schoolmaster in the East End of London, used his own money to establish the Fund. He wanted no publicity for himself, so inspired by the infamous ‘A.N.Other’ he always referred to himself as ‘Mr A.N.On’. When the Fund was registered by the Charity Commission they accepted its title as The On Organ Fund. The founder died in 1996, leaving his Estate to augment the money he had already donated to start the Fund.


What Does It Do?

The Fund exists specifically to give financial support to churches in the British Isles and of any denomination towards the installation, renewal, rebuilding, improvement, maintenance, preservation and restoration of pipe organs, including the making of contributions to any fund or collection established for the purposes of acquiring or purchasing a pipe organ. It is the Trustees’ belief that this is the only national fund of its kind in this country, devoted exclusively to the support of pipe organs. The Trustees do not make grants toward electronic or hybrid (part pipe and part electronic) instruments.


  • A Unique Fund
  • Supplementary Finance
  • Acquire or Purchase
  • Improve, Maintain or Preserve


The On Organ Fund is a small but growing Charity. In its first 35 years it gave over £380,000 to more than 1,000 churches. Grants currently range between £200 and £1,000 but can occasionally be larger. The Trustees see their awards as top-up grants towards the end of successful appeals, and prefer to give small grants to a large number of applicants rather than larger grants to just a few. The level of award is usually related to the level of finance that the church needs to raise for the project.


  • Typically Granting up to £1,000
  • Top-up Funding for Project Completion
  • Proportionate Awards Given

Contact Us

If you have enquiries, or would like to discuss contributing to the Fund, please contact us here or by post to the address given.

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