How Can I Contribute?

We would warmly encourage any contributions from those who wish to support the work of the On Organ Fund.

Any donations, standing orders and legacies are, of course, very welcome.

Please note that the Trustees' policy is to treat all donations as well as legacies as capital, thereby helping to assure the long-term growth of the Fund and, subject to investment returns and interest rates, enabling it to increase on a year-by-year basis the amount that it can give away.


In deciding how much can be given away, the Trustees work on a year-past basis: the investment income at the end of each financial year, less the modest costs of the administration of the Fund, determines the amount that may be disbursed as grants during the following year.

Donors who take out standing orders (see the form below) in favour of the On Organ Fund are sent annually a copy of the Trustees' report to the Charity Commission together with a list of grants awarded during that year.

Contact Us

If you have enquiries, or would like to discuss contributing to the Fund, please contact us here or by post to the address given.

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